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Botany Technician- BLM Carson City
Job Code:2019-ACI-030
Location:Carson City
Program:AmeriCorps Intern
Contract Length:6 Months

Job Description:
In cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management, the Great Basin Institute is recruiting one (1) Botany Technician to join our AmeriCorps program. The Botany Technician will work as part of five-person team to implement protocols associated with the BLM’s National Seed Strategy. More specifically, technicians will be trained to implement protocols associated with the Seeds of Success program to collect seeds from native plants within the Carson City District Office area.  

Approximately 90 percent of service will take place in the field. Fieldwork will involve driving and walking over rough and sandy terrain with wide variations in temperature ranging from below freezing in the fall and winter to above 90 degrees F during the summer. Duties require outside work involving walking, bending, climbing hills, lifting and carrying various materials or supplies which are occasionally heavy. Use of an ATV will be routine. Remote field sites may require camping out at the site for a period of 1-3 nights, where amenities such as showers, mobile phone reception, etc. are not available. Daily shifts of 8 to 10 hours are anticipated within a 40 hour work week.

The remaining 10 percent of the service will be in the office. Office tasks may include any or all of the following: use GIS to create maps and conduct analysis, visit the University of Nevada Reno Herbarium to collect data on plant locations and to verify plant specimens, mount pressed specimens on herbarium sheets and process into BLM’s herbarium, enter data into MS Access and MS Excel databases, process seed collections for shipment to appropriate destination(s), conduct internet literature research on a variety of restoration topics, and create documents and reports based on various projects.

Through the immersive plant management opportunity, the successful applicants will be exposed to a myriad of land management topics and the internal decision making process of a federal land management agency. Safety is a priority and Botany Technicians will be invited to participate in an interactive field safety/1st Aid training. Additionally, training will be provided for use of the following: computers, GPS units, two-way radios, brushsaws, herbicide sprayers, UTV vehicles, trailers, shovel/Pulaski, hand tools, monitoring equipment (tapes, compasses, clinometer, etc.), dissecting microscopes, and hand seeding tools.

Primary Responsibilities
o Participate with other seasonal staff to:
o locate areas with sufficient plants of the targeted species for seed collection; 
o use GPS/GIS to map vegetation collection areas;
o collect seed from the species of interest; and
o identify, collect, press, and mount vegetation on herbarium sheets to be used as voucher specimens for each of the species of interest.
o Assist BLM staff with other conservation field work such as:
o ongoing noxious weed mapping and treatment;
o rare plant and habitat degradation monitoring; and
o rare plant surveys in support of BLM district priorities.
o Assist BLM staff with occasional volunteer events designed to increase public participation with public land stewardship.
o Assist BLM mentor with youth program designed to involve youth with outdoor educational activities.

In general, the time spent on the various activities is as follows: Seeds of Success - 20%, noxious weeds - 20%, fire rehabilitation – 30%, rare plant monitoring - 10%, range – 10% and environmental education - 10%. The weekly schedule will be Monday through Friday. Occasional circumstances require adjusting the schedule to accommodate special environmental education events which typically take place on Saturday. 

Contract Timeline:
o Earliest availability and upon completion of a Department of the Interior (DOI) Background Investigation (BI) through December 13th, 2019

Botany technicians will work within the Carson City District Office area. This area, in western Nevada, encompasses 5 million acres with a varied landscape made up of: coniferous forests of the Eastern Sierra Nevada; pinyon-juniper woodlands/sagebrush dominated areas; and salt desert shrub dominated areas. Local ecosystems include: high-altitude montane, sand dunes, alkali playas, meadows, and areas recovering from wildfire. Carson City is the capital of Nevada and located approximately 35 miles south of Reno, NV, which boasts year-round activities and an international airport. Access to Lake Tahoe and all of its amenities is a quick 30 minute drive over the Carson Range.

Compensation and Benefits:
o Living Allowance*: approximately $950 biweekly
o Education Award: $2,960.00 (May be used for past, present or future educational expenses, including payment of qualifying federal student loans.)
o No-cost medical, dental and vision benefits provided

*Total living allowance amount will depend on term length.

Job Qualifications:
Technical Requirements
o Bachelor’s degree in Botany, Plant Biology or other related field, or combination of related coursework in and direct experience and knowledge of plant taxonomy and ecology;
o Ability to identify plants down to the species level using appropriate botany manuals and keys;
o Knowledge of plants of the Great Basin preferred, but not required;
o Knowledge of seed collection techniques;
o Ability to operate a Utility-Task-Vehicle (UTV); and
o Meet AmeriCorps eligibility requirements: (1) U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status, (2) eligible to receive an AmeriCorps Education Award (limit of four in a lifetime or the equivalent of two full-time education awards), (3) pass National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) and federal criminal background checks, (4) adhere to the rules, regulations and code of conduct as specified in the Member Service Agreement; and (5) not engage in any prohibited activities as listed in the Member Service Agreement.

Additional Requirements
o Ability to work productively both independently and as part of a team to accomplish mutual goals; 
o Ability to communicate effectively with team members, GBI and agency staff, and a diverse public;
o Ability to perform physical labor for extended periods of time (e.g., digging, bending over, hauling material, hiking);
o Ability to work in harsh and rapidly changing environments, work in all types of weather conditions, traverse uneven terrain, carry upwards of 40 pounds in a backpack, and otherwise maintain good physical condition; 
o Willingness to spend multiple days camping in the field, if necessary;
o Good organizational skills; and
o Valid, state-issued driver’s license; clean driving record; and ability to safely operate a 4WD truck on paved and unpaved roads, including narrow, mountain forest roads.

Other Job Information (if applicable):

EEO Statement
We conform to all the laws, statutes, and regulations concerning equal employment opportunities and affirmative action. We strongly encourage women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and veterans to apply to all of our job openings. We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin, age, disability status, Genetic Information & Testing, Family & Medical Leave, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. We prohibit Retaliation against individuals who bring forth any complaint, orally or in writing, to the employer or the government, or against any individuals who assist or participate in the investigation of any complaint or otherwise oppose discrimination.