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Position TitleCityStateProgramContract Length
AmeriCorps Native Seeds InternMultiple LocationsMultiple LocationsAmeriCorps Intern6 Months
Aquatic Monitoring Field LeadVARIOUSMultiple LocationsAssessment Inventory Monitoring5 Months
Aquatic Monitoring Field TechnicianVARIOUSMultiple LocationsAssessment Inventory Monitoring5 Months
Archaeology Crew Lead - Lake Mead National Recreation AreaBoulder CityNevadaResearch Associate Program6 Months
Botany Field Team LeadLas VegasNevadaAmeriCorps Intern6 Months
Botany Field TechnicianLas VegasNevadaAmeriCorps Intern3 Months
Botany TechnicianReddingCaliforniaAmeriCorps Intern6 Months
Bus Ambassador (Joshua Tree National Park)Twentynine PalmsCaliforniaResearch Associate Program2 Months
California Condor Monitoring TechniciansVenturaCaliforniaAmeriCorps Intern6 Months
Director of Education and Field Studies ProgramRenoNevadaGreat Basin InstituteOver 12 Months
Director of OperationsRenoNevadaGreat Basin InstituteOver 12 Months
Ecological Monitoring Assistant Project Manager (Nevada)RenoNevadaGreat Basin Institute12 Months
Ecological Monitoring Field Leads (multiple locations)VARIOUSMultiple LocationsAssessment Inventory Monitoring5 Months
Ecological Monitoring Field Technicians (multiple locations)VARIOUSMultiple LocationsAssessment Inventory Monitoring5 Months
Ecology Crew Lead – Parashant National MonumentSt. GeorgeUtahResearch Associate Program6 Months
Engineering Intern – Hydrology, Chemical Lab, Geology, or SCADAVARIOUSColoradoAmeriCorps Intern3 Months
Environmental Educator and Camp CoordinatorRenoNevadaGalena Creek Visitor Center9 Months
Field Supervisor - Nevada Conservation CorpsLas VegasNevadaNevada Conservation CorpsOther
Financial AssistantRenoNevadaGreat Basin InstituteOver 12 Months
ForesterVARIOUSCaliforniaResearch Associate Program6 Months
Forestry (Timber Sale Preparation) Crew LeadPlacervilleCaliforniaResearch Associate Program5 Months
Forestry (Timber Sale Preparation) Crew MemberPlacervilleCaliforniaAmeriCorps Intern4 Months
Forestry Crew LeadMultiple LocationsMultiple LocationsResearch Associate ProgramOther
Forestry Crew Lead - South Lake Tahoe, CaliforniaSouth Lake TahoeCaliforniaResearch Associate Program6 Months
Forestry Crew Leader - Nevada Conservation CorpsRenoNevadaNevada Conservation Corps6 Months
Forestry Crew TechnicianMultiple LocationsMultiple LocationsAmeriCorps InternOther
Forestry Crew Technician - Plumas National Forest (Portola, Ca and Quincy, Ca)Multiple LocationsCaliforniaAmeriCorps Intern6 Months
Forestry Crew Technician - South Lake Tahoe, CaliforniaSouth Lake TahoeCaliforniaAmeriCorps Intern6 Months
Forestry or Trail Crew Member - Nevada Conservation Corps (Summer)RenoNevadaNevada Conservation Corps3 Months
Forestry or Trail Crew Member - Nevada Conservation Corps (Summer/Fall)RenoNevadaNevada Conservation Corps6 Months
Forestry Resource Crew LeaderVARIOUSCaliforniaResearch Associate Program6 Months
Forestry Resource Crew MemberVARIOUSCaliforniaAmeriCorps Intern6 Months
GIS Technician (Cultural Resources) (*Confers Non-Competitive Hiring Authority*)ElkoNevadaResearch Associate Program6 Months
Lead Wildlife TechnicianLas VegasNevadaAmeriCorps Intern6 Months
Leadership Development Program MemberLas VegasNevadaNevada Conservation Corps6 Months
Native Seed TechnicianLas VegasNevadaAmeriCorps Intern4 Months
Naturalist and Environmental EducatorRenoNevadaGalena Creek Visitor Center3 Months
Plant Ecology TechniciansHendersonNevadaAmeriCorps Intern12 Months
Rangeland Ecology TechnicianRenoNevadaResearch Associate Program8 Months
Rangeland Field Ecology and Growth Curve Modeling LeadRenoNevadaResearch Associate Program8 Months
Rangeland Management Field TechnicianVARIOUSNevadaAmeriCorps Intern6 Months
Recreation Technicians - WyomingCasperWyomingResearch Associate ProgramOther
Research Associate Program AssistantRenoNevadaResearch Associate Program12 Months
Restoration and Volunteer CoordinatorMojave National PreserveCaliforniaResearch Associate Program6 Months
Restoration Crew Leader - Nevada Conservation CorpsMultiple LocationsNevadaNevada Conservation Corps6 Months
Restoration Crew Member -Nevada Conservation Corps (Northern NV)RenoNevadaNevada Conservation Corps5 Months
Seeds of Success Native Seed Collection SpecialistLas VegasNevadaResearch Associate Program12 Months
Soil Sampling Crew LeadRenoNevadaResearch Associate Program7 Months
Student Engineering Intern – Civil/EnvironmentalLakewoodColoradoResearch Associate Program3 Months
Timber Stand Improvement Crew LeadVARIOUSCaliforniaResearch Associate Program6 Months
Timber Stand Improvement Crew MemberVARIOUSCaliforniaAmeriCorps Intern6 Months
Visitor Center Host/NaturalistRenoNevadaGalena Creek Visitor Center6 Months
Visitor Center VolunteerSouth Lake TahoeCaliforniaGreat Basin Institute5 Months
Whitebark Pine Inventory and Monitoring Crew Lead (Forestry)RenoNevadaResearch Associate Program4 Months
Whitebark Pine Inventory and Monitoring Crew Member (Forestry)RenoNevadaAmeriCorps Intern4 Months
Wildlife Monitoring Crew LeadCedarvilleCaliforniaAmeriCorps Intern6 Months
Wildlife Monitoring Crew MemberCedarvilleCaliforniaAmeriCorps Intern6 Months
Wildlife TechnicianLas VegasNevadaAmeriCorps Intern4 Months
Zion National Park ArchaeologistZionUtahResearch Associate Program6 Months